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Pulse Assessment: Mastering the Basics


Dr. Tiffany Freeman


Tuesday July 11 5:30-9:30 pm

Join Dr. Tiffany Freeman TCM Doctor, East/West Herbalist & Indigenous Medicine Person in the classroom and master the basic foundations of Pulse Assessment, based in Traditional Chinese Medicine Pulse diagnosis but developed for the western practitioner.

*Learn to properly assess the pulse, how to best find it and proper positioning

*Learn factors that affect the pulse including common pharmaceuticals, seasons, cycles, foods, etc.

*Establish a functional knowledge of the different pulse categories and their therapeutic meanings

*Develop an understanding of the meaning of TCM terms and pattern discrimination used in assessment and how that translates to the western view of the body

*Aquire valuable experience as we assess one another in the practical part of the class

This class is open to any modality or practitioner of natural therapies!

"..it took me years to learn how to read the pulse. The years this required were not because of any inherent difficulty in feeling and interpreting the pulse, but were due to my own laziness and stubborn refusal to master the basics of this art. While I searched for advanced and abstruse pulse lore, I was never diligent enough to memorize all the basic facts of this discipline. In other words, I tried to jump high up in the sky without first laying an adequate foundation." -Bob Flaws from The Secret of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis


A Journey through the Medicine Wheel

Wednesday July 12 6-9 pm

Through right of honour passed down from my Cree Elder I am grateful to share the stories and teachings of the Medicine Wheel. Join in an experiential learning circle which will introduce the four directions and its related medicines. Learn how the Medicine influences our daily lives and how we can deeper connect to those elements to create better harmony. The teachings are held in a traditional healing circle format, we sit in a circle closest to the earth/ on the ground. Each offering of the Medicine Wheel is different depending on the participants and what transpires, but the foundation is the same. We walk through the 4 directions, discuss the meanings of each of these, their related medicines, how they relate to health, healing, and our daily lives.

About Tiffany:

Tiffany's passion lies in traditional medicine and therapies that connect us to a deeper healing. Her primary focus is on East & West herbal preparations, Master Tung lineage of Acupuncture, Classical Chinese Medicine, and Traditional Native Healing. Tiffany incorporates her teachings and traditional values as a person of Cree First Nations descent and as a Traditional Medicine Woman with her studies and practice of Traditional Chinese and Western herbal medicine to create a wholistic healing experience for her patients & students. She is an educator, practitioner, mother of two, and an avid admirer of nature.




Herbal Immersion Program 2017



Sam Coffman

Sept 22-24 2017

5 day wilderness first aid responder course

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