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butchering class

Honorable Harvest: Curing Pork Charcuterie
November 16-18

10-3 each day (may go a bit later)


In dominant culture there is a great disconnect from the land and the food that the Earth gifts us.  Most the food within our kitchens has been flown from far away places, leaving us without a personal relationship to our livelihood. As a culture we have lost touch with the honorable harvest of spending time with the land and giving thanks for the bounty provided.  When we re-remember this sacred exchange we are blessed with greater nourishment on many levels.

This 3 day experiential course is an offering into that space of reconnections with our food, the land and community.  Together we will harvest one of the River Farm pigs and through hands on learning walk through the art of raising, harvesting and a variety of artisan pork curing techniques.  We will be making sausage, starting the bacon and ham curing processes, rendering lard and making bone stock. 

Day 1 The Honorable Harvest
Honoring the Animal
Slaughter and Viscerating
Scalding and Scraping Techniques

Day 2 Butchering: Making the Harvest Useable for the Kitchen 
Butchering Methods
Cooking Techniques

Day 3 Curing & Preserving 
Making Sausage, Bacon, Ham, Bone Broth & Rendering Lard


Mike Lane has been raising and growing food for most of his adult life as a means to reconnect people with the land, each other and good health.  He and his wife Erin Suda have been connecting community through wholesome food for nearly two decades through community dinners, their restaurants Seven Loaves and catering.  They have a way of making everyone feel welcome and inviting you to be a part of something greater with the land, community and our food.

Location given upon registration



Come prepared for the weather and bring an apron and a cutting board



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