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Leslie, Orion and Kosta in Washington Sage Country

We are a young family of four with an intense passion for vibrant health for all beings. We appreciate the wildness in life, the wisdom of the plants, animals and elements around us. Together we dwell in our mountian home nestled in-between the stellar Cascade mountain range and the Salish sea we call home. It is here in these mountains, fields and shores that we wild harvest and farm grow herbs for our goods...offering fresh herbal remedies for making your bodies feel well and nourished.

It is a great joy working with the plants and learning from them and offering our passionate work to the world. All of our creations are produced small scale, in small batches. Everything is pure plant material...fresh, wild crafted and sourced organically. We believe in the importance of using our own hands to create. This ensures the highest quality in our minds, when each item is witnessed through it's various stages bringing the finest medicine to the marketplace.



echinacea house and garden ladies mantle

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