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Reading the Body


Margi Flint

Part 1, March 25 & 26:

Part 2, March 27:



Part 1, March 25 & 26:

Each color, line and marking on the face, tongue & nails holds meaning of your internal health. Margi will be explaining and demonstrating diagnostic techniques taught to her by the late William Le Sassier. This two-day seminar will focus on various diagnostic techniques including facial signs, tissue color, elimination analysis, signs of hot, cold, damp, dry and wind conditions. Reading what the body has to say, we can learn how to prevent illness. Our seminar will consist of both lecture and hands on learning with ample opportunity for questions to understand what your body is saying to you.

Part 2, March 27:

What does a tone of voice mean? What does the location of your headache mean? In this seminar, you’ll learn the physical characteristics, verbal and emotional expressions that indicate an organ out of balance. Information covered in detail will include endocrine markers, lack of intrinsic factor and food intolerances along with indications of the face, fingernails and hands. Margi will touch on vitamin and mineral deficiencies, headaches and herbs for head trauma. By knowing what the body has to say, we can learn how to prevent illness before it arrives as well as effectively treating what is present. This seminar will consist of both lecture and hands-on learning with ample opportunity for questions to better understand what your body is saying to you.



Margi Flint B. Sc., has enjoyed EarthSong Herbals family practice & herb school in the seacoast town of Marblehead, Massachusetts since 1977. Over these many years she has become their “Village Herbalist.” Margi continues to teach Advanced Clinical Studies. She is on the staff at Pacific Rim College in British Columbia, Earth Medicine Institute in Hawaii. She is guest lectures at numerous Universities including Tufts Univ. of Medicine and Mass College of Pharmacy. She lectures regularly at symposiums nationally and internationally. Her most revered teachers are the plants and her clients.

This seminar is beneficial to naturopaths, herbalists, chiropractors, midwives, doctors, acupuncturists and anyone working in natural health. No pre-requisites required.




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